Score performer? Oh maybe you are a digital educator

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Learn by doing. Digital citizenship is acquired not by just surfing the web, but rather when being inspired by the good use of it.

May 13 a day to celebrate Digital Learning? So? What´s the point? Is this an Apple designed date to celebrate very well behaved bulk ipad consumers in schools or learning places? Maybe not, and here´s the reason why I decided to write this post.

No one doubts in this age and place the value of digital devices as a powerful tool in all learning processes. Beyond technicalities, the underlined challenge of Digital Learning is delivering critical skills to those who learn. We don´t learn the same way as we used to. Neither we keep learning through life the same topics we begin learning with. For the first time in history we are all considered learners, regardless of our age and our backgrounds. Furthermore, we are required to keep on learning no matter where we stand.

So why celebrate a day for digital learning when it seems just a fact supported by thorough numbers and very nice infographics by the way. Because we need to encourage those who care that we learn the right way in our age. Those who make us think out side the box. Digital Learning requires crafting thorough designs for teachers and learners. A design where every part of what we have understood as learning is challenged. The context in which learning happens, its pace, the way we share what we know, the way in which we raise our questions, and the way in which we validate what it has been learned.

Perhaps never have we been more creative as a sapiens sapiens humans. Not just because we have developed the tools, but of the channels those tools have given us to share, inquire, enhance, and dig into the possibilities of learning. Fascinating and crazy as it is we are full of resources which require the sense and sensibility of true educators. Committed Digital Citizens that bring soft skills to every learner. Curiosity enhancers who facilitate making questions while ensuring learners stay on the safe track of those crowded, noisy and sometimes polluted information highways. True learning can only happen when comprehension demonstrates being useful. That´s when doors open. Identify, classify, sound connecting, viewing new possibilities and keeping a critical mindset are traits that should distinguish digital apprentices. These trademarks can really thrive when guided by an educator who understands the score. That´s why she or he can help others to comprehend.

Oh yes, we are called to be independent learners, and maybe you have done a lot on your own, so why really should we care so much. Any person who has access to a smartphone or a tablet does have access to the digital learning universe. But how many of us have the discipline, the chance to share questions, listen to new ones, find tools in which to practice, apply and integrate learning in a community, in everyday life or in small simple math operation. Connecting is emotional. Emotions can drive curiosity. But only a formed teacher can identify the spark that can trigger the path to find the emotional elements that charge further learning. To drive that process we do have a new breed of digital educator. And this is the reason why innovative educators inspire learning and teaching, to all of us regardless of where we are, with our mobiles or tablets, anywhere on the globe.

Bibiana Vargas

Furibunda lectora, estudiante para toda la vida, rebelde con causa donde la haya. Inundada de sentido creativo, y todas las demás cosas de la vida normal y corriente.

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